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My name is Jessa Ray and I have a passion for paper
crafts! I started
scrapbooking 18 years ago & haven’t stopped
since! Over the years I have spread my wings & found that I
absolutely love making cards and other paper creations.

Creating my sweet, funny, sassy and unforgettable
cards for my loved ones quickly became my leisure pursuit!
With many of those loved ones encouraging me over the years,
I have finally decided to share my paper passions of cards &
whatnots with everyone!

I’m jumping in with both feet & am thrilled to see where
this journey takes me! I hope you will join me on this journey
and check in from time to time to see what new creations
are in the works! Bare with me for now as my blog is under
some very creative construction!!! I thank my fam & dear
friends from the very bottom of my heart for cheering me on
& helping me in so many ways!!! Later Gators!

For questions regarding her designs, please email Jessa



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